Do Casinos Allow Using Infrared Poker Contact Lenses?

Some parts of India like Goa are popular when it comes to casinos. The origin of casinos is from Italy, which means social hub. Money tempts people to cheat and get involved in fraudulent activities. As we all know casinos involve a large amount of money, many of us would wonder whether casinos allow infrared poker contact lenses

Security checks in Casinos

Security measures play a vital role in the functioning of casinos. Infrared contact lenses are not permitted while playing casino games. The mirage was the very first casino that set cameras on each table to monitor the players to refrain from cheating back then in 1989. 

In the contemporary era, Physical security checks have become mandatory in casinos. Casinos to prevent the players and the staffs who might be tempted to steal the money in collusion or as individuals, ensure proper security checks. In modern-day casinos, the security check has been divided into two portions 

  • Special surveillance department
  • Physical security

Both the physical security department and special surveillance department work together in monitoring the staff and the players and preventing them from committing crimes. It is a crime to use infrared poker contact lenses while playing casinos.

The physical security department ensures that the player is not wearing an infrared contact lens. As per the police records, there are many instances where the casinos were held responsible for organized crimes. As per economic studies, it has been proved that casino games are positively connected to crimes. 

There are many instances where infrared poker contact lenses have been used in casinos. But the question is whether it is legal or not. The answer to it is very simple. Using infrared contact lenses in casinos amounts to cheating and it is illegal. This is the main purpose of casinos having to possess security check departments.  

It is indeed very interesting to take a look at the history of casino games. These games of chances have existed from the ancient Romans and Greek periods to Elizabeth’s England to Napoleon’s France. It is an inevitable fact that this game involving large amounts of money is bound to use cheating devices, but it is considered to be a crime.

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