5 Tips for Writing SMS Marketing Content

SMS text messaging is a proven method of delivering marketing promotions and driving brand loyalty among consumers, enjoying incredibly high open rates (up to 99%!). Recent studies have also shown that restaurants receive 25% redemption rates from the offers they send out (Matt Baglia, of Business2Community), but text message marketing is still an under-utilised marketing method. If you want to get started with SMS marketing, follow these tips to ensure that you are writing the best SMS content possible: email marketing

  1. Have a good reason to send:

No-one likes to feel bombarded by marketing, so never send text messages for the sake of it. Think about the benefit to your customers – why should they listen? – And write for your audience, this will increase the engagement rate from your SMS marketing campaigns. Take time to plan your content and keep the message clear and concise, you need to grab the reader’s attention quickly.

  1. Make it personal:

As with email marketing, adding personalisation to your messages will reflect positively on you. Simply addressing your customers by their name is a great start, and having a carefully segmented database will allow you to write and send more targeted messages based on anything from gender or age, through to interests.

  1. Call to action:

Make sure you tell your customers what action to take having read your message, whether this is giving you a call, visiting your mobile website or redeeming an offer in-store. Having a clear and simple call to action will increase the engagement rates of your SMS campaigns.

  1. Check your grammar:

Always proofread your messages before you send, sloppy spelling and grammar can make your appear unprofessional and reduces how impactful your message is. Similarly, avoiding text speak is advisable; while it saves on characters not everyone will understand it. Limit the abbreviations you use, and only use those which are commonly understood, e.g. CEO.

  1. Test:

Keep a record of your SMS campaigns and review which content, call to action or time of day and day of week work best for you. Always using the same messaging will quickly lose its appeal, so it is essential to review and revise your SMS marketing efforts regularly.

So to sum up, your SMS marketing efforts should add value and be relevant to your customers, include a clear call to action, read perfectly and stay fresh to grab the reader’s attention.